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nguoi bat tu


Nguoi bat tu - the immortal is a cautionary tale about human’s endless greed. through Hung, a guy who lived a century of vietnam from french colonial period to present time with black magic, the story explores temptation and catastrophe of being immortal. 

This showcase and premiere event officially announces "nguoi bat tu" to the press, releases main posters, trailers as well as builds awareness, and spread viral among press and media to draw attention of audiences.

challenges & solutions

story in film was told in a century that covers time from french colonial period to the present. because of that, it is so difficult to pick out key highlight to retell the story in event. 

in this case, buzz told the story by bringing thriller and supernatural mood and atmosphere in design cave and content to guests. 


meet expectation of clients at concept and overall event.

audiences were interested in catchy design.

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