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thang nam ruc ro


thang nam ruc ro is a remake of a korean movie: sunny (2001). the movie tells a story of girl group who are best friends during highschool. after 25 years, Hieu Phuong meets My Dung again in hospital because of My Dung's cancer. Hieu Phuong decides to gather the group of her youth.

the showcase and premiere event are to officially announce "thang nam ruc ro” to press, public and release main posters, trailers. build awareness and spread viral among press and media to draw attention of audiences.

challenges & solutions

mood & tone of this movie is retro but not too ancient, it needs to be purified, bright and remind of emotional details of friendship. however the sceneries of the movie change continuously between present and past, there is no typical context.

buzz came up with concept "the place we belong" - it is Dalat flower store, girls' room and pictures... buzz made use of specific features of old Dalat like flower, Hoa Binh theater, food.. to awake senses of guests to feel they are really at old Dalat and walk through beautiful pieces of memory of the girl group.


the showcase and premiere has wow all the guests, inspire them of movie's scene and story.

other guest after premiere still visit flower shop to take photo with real flower shelf.

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