samsung galaxy note 8


official launch note 8 in vietnam

engage media by inspirational stories and product hands-on

proactive to drive media's attention and deliver key message "do bigger thing"

challenges & solutions

lack of material since product haven't launched yet in global and how to demonstrate the key feature facilitate user to get through the day productively. 

solution is we build a city in day and night time and create specific context in which the feature is highlighted the most. guest experience note 8 in this area feel like they are going around the city from am to pm with the wonderful note 8 feature in it.


quantity of audience: more than 400 participants of celebrities and the media.

the launching event has marked the elegance of samsung from the decoration, famous celebrities to the breakout product presentation. 

guests were impressed by the s pen - the key feature of note 8, 86% of the galaxy note users love the phone they are using, 85% are proud to introduce it to their friends.

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