the v heartbeat project builts to create a gateway to asia for vietnamese artist. the project includes 2 divisions: v heartbeat weekly (review v heartbeat ranke every week on & v heartbeat live (organized every month to summary and honor the no.1 of the rank)

v heartbeat live is the stage for vietnamese artists who release new song in that month & artist participate in the rank. buzz has to handle hospitality for Korean artists, operation for guest flow for 2000 people and create content for the show. 

challenges & solutions

the show happens every month so the idea for the script is a heaviest part for the team since we have to come up with new ideas every show in just 1 month. we have to update new trends and references from a lot of shows to build up the library for ourselves.

there's no ticket sales allowed so manage the risk of ticket sales is also a challenge. we improve with different methods of checkin every month to make it unpredictable for the saler in case they make a fake ticket.


5 shows happened with improvement every month and buzz is getting trusted and compliment from client.

more and more through each show. this is a good signal for us to move on.

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